Socio-Economic Research and Analysis

InterGroup works with clients to plan, implement, and document socio-economic research tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

Socio-Economic Impacts of Uranium Mining in Northern Saskatchewan

Community Vitality Monitoring Partnership Process (Saskatchewan)

2011 - 2013

Kristin Kent Drewes

Working closely with the Community Vitality Monitoring Partnership Process (CVMPP) and a project steering committee of northern residents and stakeholders, InterGroup developed and implemented a broad-based research program to understand the socio-economic impacts - both beneficial and otherwise - of the uranium industry in northern Saskatchewan since the 1990s.

The study focused on the impacts of the uranium mining industry on key areas identified in the 1997 Joint Federal-Provincial Panel on Uranium Mining in northern Saskatchewan. These key areas include Education and Training, Employment, Business Opportunities, Industry Contributions to the Province, Worker Health, Local Participation, and Community Vitality.

A mixed method research approach was developed for the study, which included analysis of relevant statistical data, literature, data provided by the uranium mining industry, and the results of a key person interview program in four northern communities.

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Social and Economic Impact of First Nations Casinos

Manitoba Gaming Control Commission (Manitoba)

2009 - 2010

John Osler

A first of its kind in the province of Manitoba, this study was developed to contribute to a national framework for assessing socio-economic impacts of gambling.

Two First Nation-owned casinos were the focal point for research regarding: economic and financial indicators; employment and education; recreation and tourism; legal and justice considerations; and culture.

This work drew heavily upon InterGroup’s ability to develop a customized approach to a problem in the absence of any similarly developed process or product.

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Aboriginal Involvement in Resource Development: Industry Best Practices

Cameco Corporation and AREVA Resources, Inc. (Saskatchewan)


Denis De Pape

InterGroup's role included researching, assessing and presenting best practices for facilitating Aboriginal involvement in resource development. Best practices were determined for the following key aspects of aboriginal involvement: community engagement, project development, project revenues, management of adverse effects, employment and business opportunities, cultural services, training/education and investment.

The research process included an extensive literature review, supplemented by in-person and telephone interviews.

The project examined a broad range of resource development activities - mining, oil-and-gas, hydro development and forestry. It also described and analyzed the relevant legal and policy environment for aboriginal involvement.

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