Conawapa Weir River Excavation (Photo courtesy of Manitoba Hydro)
Keeyask cabin excavation (Photo courtesy of Manitoba Hydro)
Pottery find
Grooved Maul
Kahpowinic Bay Fur Trade Post Excavation 2017 (Photo courtesy of Manitoba Hydro)
Railside Development 2017

Archaeology, Heritage & Culture

InterGroup's heritage professionals provide all levels of heritage and archaeological surveys, assessments and cultural resource management services (CRM). Working closely with First Nations, Indigenous communities and resources developers, InterGroup's team has produced Traditional Land Use Occupancy (TLUO) Studies, and archaeological education programs.

Heritage Brochure

Archaeological Services

InterGroup provides the following services related to Archaeological Assessments:

  • Heritage Resource Impact Assessment (HRIA)
  • Developing Cultural and Heritage Protection Plans
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Capabilities
  • Heritage Characterization Studies
  • Stage 1 through 4 Archaeological Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) documentation and regulatory guidelines
  • Heritage and Cultural Mitigation, and On-site Monitoring
  • Artifact Processing and Analysis

Consultation and Engagement Services

Heritage and Cultural Assessments:

  • Heritage and Policy Development
  • Traditional Knowledge and Land Use Mapping

Indigenous Engagement:

  • Traditional Land Use and Occupancy (TLUO) Studies
  • Indigenous Engagement and First Nation Consultation

Display and Presentation:

  • Museum Display
  • Archaeological Education/Outreach/Public Excavation

Archival & Historical Research

Historical Research:

  • Land titles search
  • Family history research
  • Historic documented land use