Consultation and Engagement Services

Heritage and Cultural Assessments:

  • Heritage and Policy Development
  • Traditional Knowledge and Land Use Mapping

Indigenous Engagement:

  • Traditional Land Use and Occupancy (TLUO) Studies
  • Indigenous Engagement and First Nation Consultation

Display and Presentation:

  • Museum Display
  • Archaeological Education/Outreach/Public Excavation

Millenium Mine Traditional Knowledge and GIS

Cameco Corporation (Northern Saskatchewan)

2010 - present

Kristin Kent Drewes, Christina Blouw

InterGroup has provided ongoing support to Cameco in their relationship development with northern stakeholders and collection of Traditional Knowledge (TK) and cultural and traditional land use consideration to inform the environmental assessment process of its projects. TK information included collecting and mapping sites of traditional or cultural importance; travel corridors used in the pursuit of activities on the land; historic and current resource harvesting locations; domestic, hunting and fishing and trapping areas; place names and environmental knowledge. The work resulted in the development of two studies that described the traditional land use considerations for each community. InterGroup then converted TK information into GIS feature classes and attached to points, lines or polygons in a geodatabase, allowing for a visual capture and spatial understanding of the land use, occupancy and knowledge.

For more info contact: Kristin Kent Drewes

Keeyask Impact Assessment

Manitoba Hydro (Manitoba)

2007 - Present


InterGroup completed the socio-economic effects assessment and public involvement program for the Keeyask Generation Project EIS as part of overall Project Licensing.

The socio-economic impact assessment included baseline research and effects assessment of the Project on employment, training, business, population, community infrastructure and services, public safety and worker interaction, mercury and human health, and travel safety. InterGroup also managed the culture and heritage resources assessment. Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge played a prominent role in understanding the impacts of the Project on partner communities.

The Keeyask Generation Project is being developed by a partnership between Manitoba Hydro, Tataskweyak Cree Nation (TCN), War Lake First Nation (WLFN), York Factory First Nation (YFFN), and Fox Lake Cree Nation (FLCN). InterGroup coordinated closely with communities and stakeholders through working groups that focused on environmental and socio-economic topics (e.g., mercury and human health).

InterGroup provided expert witness testimony on environmental assessment approach, methods and socio-economic effects at the Clean Environment Commission Hearing for the Project (Oct 2013 to Jan 2014), as well as support to the regulatory process for answering Information Requests, review of intervenor documentation and input to final argument.

To assist with completion of the EIS documentation, InterGroup coordinated overall document management of the EIS, working closely with Manitoba Hydro.

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