Utility Rate Regulation

InterGroup provides expert advice and support related to the development and review of rates for regulated utilities. Our clients include public utilities, customer groups, governments, and regulators.

Utility Rate Applications

InterGroup assists public utilities with the preparation of rate applications, including revenue requirement, cost-of-service, and rate design. InterGroup also provides expert testimony at rate hearings and general hearing support.

Customer Rate Hearing Interventions

InterGroup coordinates interventions for customers in rate application reviews, including providing expert evidence on the reasonableness of a utility’s rate proposals.

Government Utility Rate Policy Analysis

InterGroup works with governments to develop energy policy frameworks, including setting policy frameworks for utilities and regulators, as well as developing and evaluating subsidy programs.

Environmental Stewardship Pricing Models

InterGroup develops costing models and rate proposals for recycling and stewardship programs.

Regulatory Support

InterGroup works with rate review panels, public utilities, or customers to support their activities in regulatory rate reviews, including technical analysis, drafting and reviewing information requests, consideration of cross-examination issues, and providing independent observations and recommendations.