Government Utility Rate Policy Analysis

InterGroup works with governments to develop energy policy frameworks, including setting policy frameworks for utilities and regulators, as well as developing and evaluating subsidy programs.

Northwest Territories Rate Policies

Government of NWT (NWT)

2007 - Present

Patrick Bowman, Andrew McLaren, Hayitbay Mahmudov

InterGroup provides ongoing advice to the Government of NWT on rate regulation policies, including territorial power subsidy performance reviews; impacts of potential alternative energy developments on rates; optimization of NWT power rates structure.

In 2010, InterGroup assisted the Government of NWT to design and successfully implement a new rate structure, which has lowered energy rates for the majority of NWT communities while avoiding a rate increase in the rest of the Territory.

InterGroup also assists the Government of NWT with designing alternative energy policies and options that reflect current and future energy demands in NWT.

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