Utility Rate Applications

InterGroup assists public utilities with the preparation of rate applications, including revenue requirement, cost-of-service, and rate design. InterGroup also provides expert testimony at rate hearings and general hearing support.

Yukon Energy Corporation - Utility Support/General Rate Application

Yukon Energy Corporation (Yukon)


Cam Osler, Patrick Bowman, Mona Pollitt-Smith

InterGroup has worked with Yukon Energy since before its formal inception in 1987 and for over 25 years has provided ongoing technical consulting services to Yukon Energy related to rate policy matters, electricity rates, and rate regulation.

Recent assignments have included assistance with the preparation and regulatory review of the 2008/2009 and 2012/2013 General Rate Applications; and assistance with preparation and regulatory review of the 2009 Phase II Rate Application (addressing cost-of-service and rates); and providing support for ongoing regulatory filings as required.

For more info contact: Cam Osler, Mona Pollitt-Smith

Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) - General Rate Application

Qulliq Energy Corporation (Nunavut)

2009 -Present

Andrew McLaren, Hayitbay Mahmudov

InterGroup provided support in preparing the Corporation's Phase I and Phase II Rate Application for the 2010/11 and 2014/15 fiscal years.

Responsibilities have included preparing revenue requirement and revenue forecasts, completing cost-of-service and rate design studies and drafting rate applications. InterGroup has also assisted with preparing responses to information requests and preparing materials for community consultation processes.

For more info contact: Andrew McLaren, Hayitbay Mahmudov

Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NTPC) - General Rate Application

NWT Power Corporation (NWT)

2000 -Present

Patrick Bowman, Andrew McLaren, Hayitbay Mahmudov

InterGroup has provided support to NTPC with preparing the Corporation's Rate Applications for 2001/03, 2006/08, and 2012/14 fiscal years. InterGroup's responsibilities have included preparation of the Corporation's revenue requirements, cost-of-service and rate design studies, and drafting rate applications.

InterGroup also provided rate hearing support including expert witness testimony before the Northwest Territories Public Utilities Board.

For more info contact: Patrick Bowman, Hayitbay Mahmudov