Project Planning and Development

InterGroup assists clients with the planning and development of major resource projects. This includes providing project management and coordination, planning and economic feasibility studies, and negotiation and facilitation services. Our clients include resource development companies, First Nations, and governments.

Project Development Coordination

InterGroup provides project management and coordination between legal, engineering, environmental, financial, and regulatory service providers as required during initial project planning, licensing, contracting and construction.

Utility Resource Planning

InterGroup assists with developing long-term demand forecasts, evaluating utility resource option portfolios, and planning specific new resource projects. InterGroup also provides support to clients during the public review of utility resource plans, including expert testimony and hearing support.

First Nation Agreements

InterGroup provides negotiation support to clients related to project development agreements with First Nations, including analysis of benefit sharing frameworks, and settlement agreements with First Nations addressing compensation for impacts from past projects.

Power Purchase Agreements

InterGroup assists clients during the negotiation of power purchase agreements. Services include evaluating pricing options and developing contract terms.

Socio-Economic Research and Analysis

InterGroup works with clients to plan, implement, and document socio-economic research tailored to their specific needs and objectives.