Utility Rate Regulation

InterGroup provides expert advice and support related to the development and review of rates for regulated utilities. Our clients include public utilities, customer groups, governments, and regulators.

Utility Rate Applications

InterGroup assists public utilities with the preparation of rate applications, including revenue requirement, cost-of-service, and rate design. InterGroup also provides expert testimony at rate hearings and general hearing support.

Transmission towers and power lines in agricultural fields.

Customer Rate Hearing Interventions

InterGroup coordinates interventions for customers in rate application reviews, including providing expert evidence on the reasonableness of a utility’s rate proposals.

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Regulatory Topics

Client: Utilities Consumer Advocate
Dates: 2016 – Present

AB Badlands

Depreciation Expertise

Client: Utilities Consumer Advocate
Dates: 2016 – Present


Newfoundland Rate Hearings

Client: Industrial Customers of Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
Dates: 2001 – Present

Public Utilities Board Hearings

Client: Manitoba Industrial Power Users Group
Dates: 1988 – Present


Consumers’ Association of Canada Rates for Manitoba Automobile Insurance

Client: Consumers’ Association of Canada
Dates: 2020 – Present


The Taxi Coalition Automobile Insurance Rates

Client: The Taxi Coalition (Duffy’s Taxi Ltd, and Unicity Taxi Ltd)
Dates: 2020 – 2023

Rate Policy Analysis

InterGroup works with governments and industry associations to develop rate-setting policy frameworks and evaluate subsidy programs.


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Environmental Stewardship Pricing Models

Client: Various Electronics and Tire Stewardship Programs Across Canada (Canada-wide)
Dates: 2008 – 2022


Northwest Territories Rate Policies

Client: Government of NWT
Dates: 2007 – Present


InterGroup assists municipal utilities, including electrical, water, and wastewater utilities, in the preparation of rate applications, including revenue requirement, cost-of-service, and rate design. InterGroup also provides public and stakeholder engagement support.

A city water tower set against a blue sky

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Parcel Tax Review

Client: North Salt Springs Waterworks District
Dates: 2016; 2022


Utility Rate Review

Client: City of Penticton
Dates: 2015 – Present


Cost of Service Analysis

Client: Nelson Hydro
Dates: 2012 – Present

Regulator Support

InterGroup works with rate review panels, public utilities, or customers to support their activities in regulatory rate reviews, including technical analysis, drafting and reviewing information requests, consideration of cross-examination issues, and providing independent observations and recommendations.

The high tech solar panel grid reflects the beautiful colors of the sunrise.

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sask panel

SaskEnergy and SaskPower Rate Applications

Client: Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel
Dates: 2013 – 2022